Puerto Rico Winter Accommodation

Puerto Rico Holidays

If you are thinking of coming to Puerto Rico during the Winter months, please listen to us (don't make the same mistake that many people did last year) and book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Due to the big contracts some tour operators have with the hotels in some Winter weeks, the resort reaches almost 100% occupancy and it is really difficult to find an empty room. If you have preferences like staying by a certain shopping center or by one of the beaches in Puerto Rico, your chances to find a hotel or apartment of your liking in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria are very small.

Last year through our website and our facebook page many people contacted us to see if we knew anywhere to stay in the resort, there was nothing we could do as accommodations were either full or three times the normal price. Some people who already have booked the flights but couldn't find apartments chose not to fly in the end, which resulted in them losing out on their holiday to Puerto Rico.

So, if you are thinking of coming on holiday to Puerto Rico for Christmas or the Winter season, check today and book now to avoid disappointment!