Photos of The Day: Puerto Rico Promenade – 26/01/12

With bright blue skies and warmth from the sun rays, a beach walk was an excellent option this afternoon in Puerto Rico. Starting at Amadores Beach and ending in Puerto Rico Harbour (or vice versa), the promenade walk in Puerto Rico is a good stroll.

So the PRGC team decided to start in the picturesque Amadores Beach, the RIU Vistamar stands tall on the cliff above the beginning of the promenade:

Riu Vistamar

A blue beach sign informs us that there are 1020 metres to Puerto Rico Beach:

Beach sign

There's an incline at the start of the walk:

Beach promenade

Turn round and this is the view behind you of Amadores Beach:

Amadores beach 26/01/12

Amadores Beach 26/01/12

The Glass Bottom Ferry sails by at the perfect time to be framed with flowers:

Promenade stroll

Not far to go now, another sign tells us Puerto Rico is 275 metres away:

Beach signs

The Pasarella shopping center provides a place to stop and refresh with a drink or meal. There is a set of stairs at the very end of the center, which have recently been fixed and they lead up to the blue bridge, so you have a loop in the promenade walk to head back:

Pasarella center

A view of Puerto Rico Beach from the blue bridge:

Puerto Rico beach

Heading back along the promenade to Amadores Beach:

Promenade walk

Brightly coloured Bougainvillea grows in red, orange and pink along the promenade, you may even see a lizard or two!

Promenade walk

Here we are back at the start of our walk in Amadores Beach:

Amadores beach

We hope you enjoyed this PhotoBlog of the promenade walk in Puerto Rico. Make sure to check our blog out regularly for more photos, info, weather reports and videos of the resort!

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