Puerto Rico Public Swimming Pool Refurb

After months of being empty and unused, it seems that the public swimming pool near Puerto Rico beach is undergoing a refurbishment.

Back in June 2011 we snapped this photo of the pool emptied and deserted:

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Public Pool Refurb

Then this week (end of December 2011) we saw cement mixers and work being done on the area. We hope that the pool opens up again soon and is maintained well.

Since the Puerto Rico waterpark is closed down, it will be nice to have access to a public pool. There used to be a jacuzzi which was lovely to enjoy and the area was nice for those who don't like sand.

We will keep you updated and hopefully will see some more activity in the coming weeks.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Public Pool Refurb


This public pool is now La Mar Beach Club, a chill out lounge style pool, bar and restaurant. It looks so much better, see this blog post to see how it is now!

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